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T.K.O! Joe Concha SCHOOLS Lefty Big Mouth Roland Martin Obsessively Trolling Him in Heated Back and Forth


Roland Martin was apparently an American journalist who at one point worked for CNN and is now some sort of 'host' for his own show. He crossed our timeline today because he has been obsessively trolling Joe Concha ... we're not talking like the occasional, 'Hey, I'm going to engage you for clicks and taps because I'm bored,' trolling. 


No no.

This guy is all over Concha's posts.

It's honestly a little weird and even creepy.

For example.

Enter Martin:


Weird, right?

Not to mention Media Matters is staffed by a bunch of freaks. #DealWithIt

But one tweet to Concha wasn't enough ... so he did it again:

He's bizarrely angry, right?

Finally, it looks like Concha had enough ... 


And enter Martin AGAIN with the trolling.

Concha fired back.


Hey, at least he told him to have another donut. See, he's a giver.

Roland, dude, there has to be a better way to farm for engagement. 

Get a hobby. 




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