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John Stossel debunks ENDLESS climate crisis alarmism by interviewing ACTUAL climate scientist (watch)

AP Photo/Jason DeCrow

John Stossel was pretty brave to take on the modern-day religion that IS climate change. This is not merely an agenda item or issue for many many many people, OH NO, it has definitely become a religion.


And if you speak out against it or try to disprove it you are the DEVIL ... or something.

A can of Aqua Net maybe? Something our pals in the climate change movement would consider evil. Fossil fuels maybe?

ANYWHO, Stossel interviewed an actual climate scientist about climate change alarmism and it's pretty damn good.


Good stuff, eh?

See? Totally a religion.

And they've been told since they were very little that human beings are killing the planet. 

Change is inevitable.


True story and one of the main reasons we decided to share the interview with you guys.



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