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Brah, NO: Biden's tone-deaf post pushing for MORE Ukraine funding goes really really REALLY wrong

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Hey, Americans struggling to put groceries on your tables and gas in your tanks, Biden wants you all to know that sending billions of your dollars to Ukraine is more important than actually putting that money to work for you and your families in your own country.


In fact, it's so important he thinks calling us 'indispensable' to this war will somehow make you support the idea of funding more war.

He's wrong, of course.

How about the promises made to Americans? Fulfill those first, Joe. And once we have zero homeless or hungry people in this country, our borders are secure, crime is down, and our debt is somehow magically paid off THEN you can start sending money to Ukraine again.

Seems fair.

Basically that. Yup.

Hey, they SAID respectfully.

Could it be the dirty laundry (laundering, cough cough)?  *adjusts tinfoil hat*


You'd think. Otherwise, there won't be much of a nation left.

We're not a freakin' ATM, Joe.



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