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'You're a FOOL': Megyn Kelly VICIOUSLY claps back at Mediaite for trying to dunk on her over Fox News

Mediaite has really been working hard to try and somehow dunk on Megyn Kelly over this or that for the past few months ... we get it, clicks and taps are important but this never seems to go well for them.


Like, at all.

For example, they tried to make her look stupid about Fox News partnering with Univision claiming they had no say so.

Yes, they're defending Fox News.

Guess how THAT went over:

From Mediaite:

But Kelly was not happy about what she called the “liberal framing” and worked herself into a lather during a discussion on The Megyn Kelly Show this week, targeting Calderón as well as Fox — even though it was the RNC who chose the media partners for the debate.

But Fox News could have said no.

That's the whole freakin' point.

Plenty of other resources other than Leftist Univision.

If it was Ronna's call this is even more proof we should have replaced her.


Fox News has not exactly been all that popular with their GOP Debates thus far.

Not at all.



Like father like daughter --> Liz Cheney pushing to fund more war in Ukraine BACKFIRES spectacularly

Did Biden just spill the beans on his Ukrainian 'interests' in statement on bipartisan funding bill?

Thomas Massie shares DAMNING video showing everyone how 'stable' Jamaal Brown really IS (isn't) *watch*

That's a LOTTA stupid! Here are some of the DUMBEST takes defending Jamaal Bowman pulling the fire alarm


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