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Take. The. L! Jamaal Bowman's statement about pulling the fire alarm only makes things HILARIOUSLY worse


You know it's bad for an elected official when their two choices after doing something REALLY stupid are admitting it was stupid OR having to claim they were too stupid to know any better. It's ESPECIALLY bad when they go the route of being too stupid to know F-I-R-E doesn't actually spell door.


But that's basically the gist of Jamaal Bowman's statement about why he pulled the fire alarm.

Take a look at this embarrassing nonsense:

If someone like MTG or Lauren Boebert had done this, the media would be accusing them of trying to somehow help Trump BUT since Bowman is a Democrat it's (D)ifferent.

It's honestly almost as if they expect Democrats to be dumber or something.

Yeah, that's it.

Guess how many people AREN'T buying into Bowman's statement:


Ok, that's not fair - there are a few really stupid people on the Left who are trying to somehow defend this hot mess but it's not going anywhere. No one with an actual functioning brain in their heads believes this.


Pretty sure he means amazing in a really really really horrible way here.

Basically, yeah.

Ironically, Bowman used to be a principal so you'd think he would RECOGNIZE a freakin' fire alarm. Heh.

We laughed far harder at this than we should have.


He absolutely did.

He should be charged for it.

We're, however, not holding our breath.



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