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Bro, LOL: Victor Shi claiming NO Dem supports abortion up until the moment of birth goes REALLY wrong


They say if you're not a liberal when you're young, you're heartless, and if you're not a conservative as you get older, you're brainless. Honestly, we're starting to think anyone who calls themselves a liberal/Democrat/Lefty is pretty brainless because that entire movement is nothing but a massive s**t show these days.


It's so bad that Biden's fanboy, Victor Shi made a fool of himself INSISTING no Democrats support abortion up until birth.




Except, you know, Vic is wrong.

Plenty of Democrats do. Hell, Ralph Northam talked openly about keeping a baby who survived an abortion 'comfortable' so the mother could decide whether or not to go ahead and let the child die.

Told you guys, they're awful.

Maybe Vic should watch this video ... 

The more you know.



Seems a reasonable request since, you know, nobody supports it.



'IDGAF': Oilfield Rando DROPS Ilhan Omar for using 'unpaid fed employees' to shame GOP into funding gov

David Hogg OBLITERATED for claiming his pal Maxwell Frost obliterated Republicans' 'sham impeachment'

Look on Jonathan Turley's face as AOC tries a 'gotcha' during Biden impeachment inquiry is PERFECT -watch

Riley Gaines DROPS AOC like the sack of STUPID she is for trying to speak for ALL women at the ballot box


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