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Thanks, Brooklyn Dad, for writing something SO STUPID about windmills I was inspired to write about it

Twitchy/UHF Meme

It's not every day I sit down to write about a Lefty. Wait, scratch that ... I write about Lefties every day HOWEVER it's usually as a member of Twitchy where my job is to drag those deliberately misinforming the masses for political gain. Ironic how they accuse us of doing that, yes? Heck, there are still some topics I have to be careful when writing about on the open site. We all know if I write something about T R A N S or C O V I D that's not behind a paywall that the stories will be demonetized and my wrist slapped. In other words, our betters at Google would not approve.

Anywho, I digress.

As I said way up there, it's not every day a Lefty posts something that actually inspires me to write an entire article, let alone an entire VIP article. So big thanks to Brooklyn Dad for this post about windmills.

And whales.


The dude is obsessed with Trump. I get it, his followers live for this sort of ridiculous content but c'mon man.

It just proves what we've all known all along - it's not about saving the planet or climate justice or any of that other happy horse crap these people spew at us every day. No no, it's about POLITICS and how can the use the climate to own the cons.

Can you imagine being someone who deliberately follows someone this uninformed?

Now now, don't bring up real problems.

He's busy dunking on Trump.

Full transparency, I went out to see if maybe someone on the Right had said something dumb enough for this guy to be mocking because I thought surely even this brain trust knows where whales live.

But no.

See why I had to write about it?

What a maroon.


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