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And BOOM: Megyn Kelly sums up ridiculous circus Fox News called the GOP Debate in one SAVAGE tweet

Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP, File

You guys. That GOP Debate last night was a hot mess. No idea what the heck Fox News was thinking with the moderators or questions they asked but seriously, bad stuff. We'd be embarrassed for them if we didn't think this was all deliberate for some reason.


What was their real goal here? And what was with that third moderator crapping all over the GOP?

Megyn Kelly perhaps had the best response summing up the entire debate in one little tweet:

What she said. 

And yes, yes it did happen.

Welcome to 2023 where things just keep getting dumber even when you're sure they can't.

Shocked Dana would even agree to ask that one.

It was smart of him to shut it down. Yup. When the candidates are the real adults in the room at a debate you KNOW the moderators are doing a crap job.

If only he'd shown up. You KNOW his response would have been GOLD.


All we can say at this point is we are NOT feeling guilty for NOT live-blogging that hot mess last night.

What a circus, and sadly, not an entertaining one at that.



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