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Gosh, these sound FAMILIAR: Chaya Raichik shares list of words getting conservatives demonetized


It's sad but true - telling the truth in this country about certain topics and issues will get you punished by various platforms and sites. You'd think in a country where free speech is a founding principle this wouldn't be the case buuuuuut since we somehow wandered into this new world of stupid where men can supposedly get pregnant and saying otherwise will get you demonetized, it is the sad reality for lots of people.

Especially on the Right.

We know you know that we know you know that we KNOW you know this ... but it bears repeating. Especially when Libs of TikTok founder, Chaya Raichik has started to put a list of words together that will get you demonetized.

Notice I put it behind the paywall because I know what will happen if we post this to our open site.

Take a look:

Drag queen will get me demonetized.



Amen. REALLY?! Amen?!

What a crock of crap.

It does seem really off that Twitchy has over 200k followers on Twitter, but our posts only get a couple of thousand views. Now, you'd think by sheer chance we'd have at least 5-10%, right? But nope. Even on my own account, where I don't see the throttle quite as much as I do on Twitchy, it's not good. Especially when people or organizations are paying to use the platform in question. Why are some of us throttled like crazy and others aren't? 

You guys already know we get in trouble for talking about certain things, and now there are words.

Our pals on the Left can write horrible stuff, use horrible words, and see no sort of demonetization and we have to look at lists like this and make sure we avoid certain words to keep from getting completely silenced.

You know, if we weren't right, they wouldn't work so hard to silence us.

Or me.

Just sayin'.


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