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Harry Smollett - sorry - Sisson's terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad bomb threat story gets even WORSE


As Twitchy readers know, Harry Sisson claims to have received a bomb threat because he's SO GOOD at pushing for Biden that MAGA is trying to scare him or something. 


Don't make that face, we didn't make the claim.

Anywho, after Sarah Fields called him out (and she did so in a brutal way), Sisson started getting very defensive. We updated you briefly on this yesterday BUT as you can see, it just went downhill even more for the Biden fanboy.

Starting here:

This just isn't adding up.

Fields responded:

That doesn't sound like they took it very seriously to us. Just sayin'.

So wait, the police weren't even called over a BOMB THREAT?



Yeah, we're pretty sure a bomb threat would be taken seriously no matter where it was sent.

Awww, now he's deflecting.

Maybe Team Biden should get their money back.

He should probably just take the L and walk away.


Hey, we're around Southerners, we know what this means.


But we thought he said the police weren't called?

Starting to read like he knows he's been caught.

Sure, Harry, SHE'S the liar.

This didn't go over so well ... 



We're honestly NOT sure if he knows that it's the same document.

But this is highly entertaining.

We'll keep an eye on the ever-changing story around Sisson's bomb threat and keep you posted.



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