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Biden fanboy Harry Sisson SNAPS when busted for seemingly LYING about receiving a bomb threat; Updated



Welp, now that Harry has spent a good part of the day getting dragged for claiming he was the victim of a bomb threat, he's NOW going to the police station to try and get his hands on the report of said bomb threat that he's only NOW taking seriously? But it wasn't? Then it was?


We're so confused.


He did say it was handled.

So which is it, Harry?

We'll keep you guys posted.



We've thought the idea of paying GenZ'rs to pretend they actually really LIKE Biden and want him to be president like FOREVER AND STUFF was very creepy and desperate for the Democrats. It only leads to bizarre behavior in many of these young people who haven't had a real chance to think for themselves yet, let alone develop their own beliefs. And of course, the more attention they get for their BIDEN MANIA, the more money they make. 

And it seems when it comes to making money, they are more and more willing to lie and put themselves in situations where they are caught and called out FOR lying.

Like Harry Sisson claiming there was a bomb threat ... 



Sounds like someone is full of something.


Womp womp wooooomp.

Sort of reminds us of the many threats Eric Swalwell is always claiming he's gotten; he always shares them with his logo on them and everything.

Harry got fussy with Sarah:



Sorry, kiddo.

But you're just not all that important.



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