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Biden lets the mask slip AGAIN showing his true racist colors while 'joking' about LL Cool J (watch)

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Biden has always been racist.


And his comments about Black Americans over the years prove that ... especially when he's trying to make a point that has nothing to do with race. Guess those old, creepy, senile, Botox-filled, racist tigers really and truly do not change their stripes.


Case in point:

Seriously, what's left to do but point and laugh at this point?

Let's go to the footage!

Ho-lee chit.

From The Post Millennial:

President Biden has once again referred to a black person in what people in his own party consider to be a derogatory manner—this time referring to rapper LL Cool J as "boy" on Saturday after he had just butchered his name during a speech to the Congressional Black Caucus.

"Two of the great artists of our time representing the groundbreaking legacy of hip hop in America, LL Jay Cool J, uh," Biden said in a video posted by RNC Research. "By the way that boy — that man's got biceps bigger than my thighs..."

FFS, Joe.

Guys, if Trump had said something even remotely this racist, cities would be on fire and we'd hear nonstop from Democrats that people will do 'some stuff' because of civil rights or something.


But since it's Joe? Eh ... let the old racist say what he needs to say because it's (D)ifferent when they (D)o it.



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