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'Disinformation': Drew Holden shreds media covering for Biden's border FAILS in receipt-filled THREAD


Drew Holden is truly the thread MASTER. Anytime we come across one of his threads on Twitter (now X), we know we're in for a heckuva ride ... especially when he brings receipts. And he most DEFINITELY brought receipts in this brutal thread holding the mainstream media accountable for literally covering for Biden's massive failure at the southern border.


Don't take our word for it - see for yourself:

It's sort of like how Biden's policies caused inflation to go crazy high, and now he's trying to take credit for it dropping. Breaking stuff to take credit for fixing stuff ... it's the Democrat way.

Of course they were.




New York Times is gonna New York Times.

Good ol' WaPo.

Axios. Again.

All we can do is point and laugh.

CNN is so irrelevant these days, we've kinda sorta forgotten all about them.

Yeah, it's a total shiznit show down there.


AOC blamed Trump and Rubio.



Disinformation. HA HA HA HA.

Oh man.

And there it is.

Now, we'd only think this if we had an actual functioning mainstream media.


Since we don't ...



Biden's ULTIMATE fanboy Harry Sisson SNAPS when busted for seemingly LYING about receiving a bomb threat

LOL! WATCH the EXACT moment Canada's Liberal House Spkr realizes he invited a literal Nazi to Parliament

Rob Schneider cancels trip to Canada after GOING OFF on Trudeau for applauding a Nazi in SAVAGE post


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