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BREAKING NEWS: Biden admits he SUCKS (watch)


If I'm being completely honest with you, dear reader, I am running out of jokes to make about Joe Biden which is in and of itself somewhat shocking considering the guy is a walking talking joke. Maybe that's why it's so hard because there really isn't anything funny about our country being led by a Botox-filled puppet who likely thinks he's still a senator.

Or Barry's VP.

One thing is for sure, the guy doesn't have a clue about what this country needs or understands the actual damage his crap policies (which are probably someone else's policies, ahem) are doing to this country. I'm sure whoever is giving him his daily Joe cocktail is telling him he's doing a great job and Americans love him.

I can't believe any politician is REALLY this out of touch with reality.

Then again ... watch this:

So he poisoned us and raised inflation. Thanks for admitting you suck, Joe. Saves me a lot of work.


See what I mean? How is that in any way something to brag about? 'LOOK WHAT I DID, I gave a bunch of teenage kids myocarditis and made it so they will never ever be able to afford to buy a house as an adult. YAY ME!'

Ok, I said something honest about the vaccine Biden forced on millions of Americans ... how quickly do you guys think Google will move in to demonetize this article? OH, THAT'S RIGHT, I'm behind our paywall so there's not a lot they can do about it.

Gosh, I adore you VIP readers. You make my job SO MUCH MORE fun.

I'm not sure what the guy actually believes.

I know I don't really care at this point.

He is indeed.

And one of the best.


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