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WHOA: Eric Holder (Obama's self-proclaimed WINGMAN) calls on Menendez to RESIGN and Lefties can't DEEEAL

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

Don't mind us, dear reader, we're just checking in with Hell to see if it froze over or not. It's not every day you see a Democrat like Eric Holder, who claimed he would investigate HIMSELF, call on another Democrat to resign no matter how obvious and blatant the crime. What's his angle? What's he up to? Is this a parody? Has he been hacked? WHAT GIVES, DUDE?!


Are they serving Menendez up to protect Joe?

What about Joe, Patrick? What about Hunter? Democrats need to set an example, after all.


Eh, is it?


There's the Democrats we know and loathe.

Maybe because Menendez is corrupt AF? Just spitballin'.

They're so delicate.



LOL-PAINFUL! James Woods just needs one perfectly PAINFUL tweet to PAINFULLY sum Karine Jean-Pierre up

'Used for political speech ...' FOIA shows Biden's DHS censoring Americans was ABSOLUTELY political

WHOA: Adam Kinzinger ACTUALLY gets something right ... and at John Fetterman's expense


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