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Pentagon will exempt Ukraine spending from possible gov shutdown and peeps have (PISSED OFF) thoughts

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

We may well see the government shut down since the people we all elected can't seem to figure out how to do their jobs. It's fascinating how we normies woud get fired for not doing our jobs but somehow these yahoos keep their jobs over and over again.


Stop voting by name recognition only, people. Please.

Anywho, we digress.

If they do indeed shut down the government there are a few programs that do not shut down because our government failed. Entitlement programs and apparently sending billions to Ukraine.

Yes, really.

Don't worry, Zelenskyy, the billions will keep coming ...


From Politico:

Typically, when the government shuts down, all military activities stop unless they are deemed critical to national security. For example, during the 2018 shutdown, then-Defense Secretary James Mattis said the U.S. military would continue hunting the Islamic State in the Middle East, but training for tens of thousands of Guard and Reserve forces was abruptly canceled.

By law, the Pentagon chief can make exceptions to activities suspended under a government shutdown, Sherwood said, noting that the decision to exempt Ukraine operations was just made.

Only military training and exercises “required to achieve and maintain operational readiness and to prepare for and carry out such operations” will be exempted from a potential shutdown this year, according to guidance issued by the Pentagon last week.


So does that mean they think sending billions of our dollars to Ukraine is 'critical to national security'?

What is really going on here?!

The same could be said for the current administration.

Who is pulling the strings?

Scary stuff.

And WHY are they doing as they're told? *adjusts tinfoil*

True story.



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