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Michael Rapaport called OUT for being a tool so much he FLIPS OUT, starts ranting about 'anons' (watch)


Poor Michael Rapaport, he is big-time upset about anon accounts posting on X and is threatening to block them all. Far be it for us to encourage anyone to torment or harass anyone else on X/Twitter HOWEVER, this video is begging for a Twitchy-ing.


Watch this insanity:


What a baby.

He can make disgusting, gross comments about Lauren Boebert but if people call him out without their 'real name' or picture he'll block them. WAAAAANH.

All we can think is he was pushing for engagement because he needs a payday of some sort. Otherwise, what a spoiled, bratty little man-child.

He's delicate.

Or something.


And that's his problem. 



Pentagon will exempt Ukraine spending from possible gov shutdown and peeps have (PISSED OFF) thoughts


UNREAL! KJP shows her nasty TRUE colors when Peter Doocy DARES ask about the southern border (watch)

'Sh*tter's FULL': John Fetterman takes advantage of new 'dress code' and comments on his attire are GOLD

Seth Dillon takes on frothy-mouthed Lefty trolls whining that Republicans 'canceled' Bud Light and LOL


Editor's Note: Hi there. I know it's been some time since we changed this up but changing it up now to see if any of you read this far. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? ALSO, if you are reading this far please sign up for Twitchy VIP and help us continue bringing you the truth, especially the truth Biden and his Big Tech goons don't want us sharing.

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