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Trevor Noah squirms and WUSSES out interviewing trans woman 'athlete' about men in women's sports (watch)

The Daily Show

Let's be honest, we didn't expect a whole lot from Trevor Noah in the first place but to see him actually admit men absolutely have an advantage in women's sports only to cower in front of the giant man-she sitting across from him INSISTING he/she is a biological female only to give in ... disappointing, even for him.


You can tell he knows it's wrong.

You can tell he knows 'Veronica' is a confused dude cheating in women's sports, but he just doesn't have the nards to really interview him the way he should. And yes, we said 'him' on purpose because that is NOT a woman sitting across from Noah.


Ugh, this guy is awful.

Oh, and Noah is pretty bad as well.

Men cannot be women.

Men are not women.

And sorry if this Veronica person sucks at men's sports but that's his problem, and Noah knows this.


Sadly, there are plenty of people who either do believe it OR are too cowardly to disagree.

Welcome to 2023.



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