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HELLO karma! Chris Rufo shows how things are getting WORSE for race-grifter Ibram Kendi in BRUTAL thread

Sarah D.

It certainly has been raining crap all over racist and grifter, Ibram Kendi. For those of you who do not believe in karma, what we are seeing here with Kendi is proof that karma is very real and it will come back for you, maybe even ten-fold.


Appears he may have mismanaged grant funding, failed to deliver key projects, and unleashed 'employment violence,' whatever the Hell that is.

Christopher Rufo is definitely enjoying this ... 

... This is what happens when DEI replaces merit as a guiding principle.


Just look at what it's done with the VP of this country. (cackle cackle)

Couldn't happen to a better, more deserving grifter.



Totally shocking.




Community Notes NUKES elitist David Brooks and his burger/booze tweet from outer space and it's GLORIOUS

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'They're full of s**t!' John Cusack goes after elite Democrats and LOL there's NOT enough popcorn

Trevor Noah squirms and WUSSES out interviewing trans woman 'athlete' about men in women's sports (watch)


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