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There's a new hilarious 'tell' when Biden is doing something REALLY stupid ... like, stupider than usual

Biden has done something especially stupid this time.

Oh, I know, it wouldn't be a day ending in Y if ol' Joe wasn't doing something annoying, ignorant, unwise, and flat-out stupid but I can tell THIS one is really bad because of one little tell.

One sad, pathetic, socialist little tell.

AOC thinks it's a good idea.

It's never a good thing when a woman who makes Joe look ALMOST not braindead says what he's done is a 'major victory'.

Case in point.


Because nothing will be more 'successful' than a bunch of blow-hard Gen Z'rs who think joining the Climate Corps will somehow save the planet. Way to feed an already ridiculous and waste-of-time movement, President Piddle Pants.

Then again, I guess this will give those kids who went to school for something like CLIMATE JUSTICE FOR THE PLATYPUS a way to pay off their student loans.


I don't know, I'm trying really hard to see a silver lining in all of this garbage ... maybe I just have to admit everything is getting dumber.

C'mon, man. We know people just have to loot and steal to feed their families these days. It's the Socialist Democrat way.

A world without farting. WE CAN DO IT, AMERICA!

Awww, like good little fascists.

Gotta LOVE it.


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