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James Woods goes straight COME GET SOME on JP Morgan CEO demanding world govs seize private property

Does anyone else sort of feel like they're living in a really cheesy James Bond movie with all of the uber-rich, elite, evil wealthy men so nonchalantly talking about population control and seizing private property for the greater good or whatever?


This is some crazy stuff.

We get it, these monsters have likely been pushing for this authoritarian BS quietly behind doors for years, but the fact they feel comfortable saying it out loud now after what they did during the lockdowns 'to protect us' should scare the Hell out of all of us.

It scares this editor, that's for sure.

James Woods, on the other hand, doesn't seem all that scared. He seems PISSED.

Yeah. Champ.

Good point. They can give up their stuff if he's all in on seizing control of private property. Lead by example, Champ.

Something like that.

We're sensing a theme here.


Dude TOTALLY looks like an a-hole, right?


Be our guest, elitest douche nozzle. 



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