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Oh SNAP! Glenn Greenwald takes AOC APART in vicious thread for suddenly NOT caring about kids in cages

Remember when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stood outside the chain link fence SOBBING about the kids in cages when Trump was president? It was quite the photo-op for the Socialist Democrat darling, wearing all white and holding her face dramatically because the sight of illegal immigrant children was just too much to bear. Seems we were always hearing about evil Trump and his evil cages of children ...


Gosh, what happened once Trump stopped being president?

Did they stop putting kids in cages? Or did they just continue to do what OBAMA STARTED and Democrats like AOC decided to ignore them because they were no longer politically convenient?

We're going with the latter.

Glenn Greenwald took them to task in a thread:

Repellent is a good word.

So is repugnant.

They both work.

Grosser than gross.

But nobody in the mainstream media is at all interested in reporting on it.



So much xenophobia, so little time.

Winner winner chicken dinner.



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AOC tries snarking at MTG for calling Senate Dems OUT over dress code change and WOW, was THAT stupid


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