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'What a JOKE'! Ray Epps officially 'charged' and it's JUST as disappointing and 'lame' as you'd expect

Sceenshot via "60 Minutes

WHOA. It's as if there is some bizarre force in the universe that inspired this editor to write about the newly dropped footage of Ray Epps this morning as he was just literally charged.


No, seriously.

When a co-worker/boss sent the message that he'd been charged this editor thought they were JOKING because of the timing of it.

And then, when we saw what the charge was we thought it HAD to be a joke as well.

It's not.

Julie Kelly has it:

Nope, nothing that will really get him in trouble.

Even after we have seen footage of him pushing for people to go into the Capitol, we've seen footage of him at the police line ... and he gets charged with disorderly conduct. Really?

So again ... what's the DEAL with this guy?!


And an unfunny one at that.



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