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Biden short-circuits during UN speech then gets in a fight with his teleprompter ... and loses (watch)


The world has got to be laughing at us. Seriously.

For YEARS we listened to Democrats insist Trump was embarrassing us globally but you guys ... this is so bad. Oh no, Trump was direct and honest with the leaders of the world, THE HORROR. At least he didn't freakin' short-circuit in the middle of speeches at the UN.


Or get in a fight with his teleprompter and LOSE.

We suppose this could be what 'decency' looks like to Democrats who insisted time and time again that decency was on the ballot. Between the Biden Crime Family corruption we've seen coming out AND this just pathetically sad showing on the global stage by Joe himself, we'll take whatever the opposite of decency is.


Watch this first bit:

You can almost hear the animatronic in him freezing up. Like, the mechanisms just suddenly forget how to function.

But wait, there's more!

Sadly, there is always more.

What now? Decoupling sounds dirty.

Yeah yeah, we went there. Nobody has ever accused us of being overly mature.



Hey, at least he was finally honest about working with China in this way, even if it was accidental.



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