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AOC tries snarking at MTG for calling Senate Dems OUT over dress code change and WOW, was THAT stupid

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Like many of us, Marjorie Taylor Greene was less than impressed with Chuck Schumer's change to the Senate's dress code. If John Fetterman can't bother to dress with some level of respect for the job he was elected to do how can anyone respect him? And instead of having this discussion with Fetterman, Schumer changed the rules. But not for EVERYONE, just the senators. Their aides, staffers, assistants, etc. still have to dress up.


You know, the little people.

Democrats LOVE crapping on the little people. Never forget that.

Here is what Marjorie thought of the change:

And for whatever reason, AOC jumped into MTG's mentions with this nugget:


Just when we think she couldn't get any dumber she proves us wrong, every time. What the Hell does holding Hunter Biden accountable for being a drug-addicted, degenerate, pervert have to do with calling Schumer out for letting Fetterman dress like Bigfoot's drunk cognitively challenged cousin?

At least she's consistent when it comes to saying stupid stuff?

Not to mention, she had to KNOW MTG would fire back ... with both barrels:



All the ouch.

And gosh golly gee, when we check AOC's timeline, we're not seeing a response. Note, we did double and triple-check that this was not the parody who often times fools many of us because in the end, AOC is a real-life parody of herself.





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