Nothing makes me laugh more than watching Alvin Bragg claim his case against Donald Trump isn’t political. RIGHT. Even if his campaign Twitter account wasn’t full of anti-Trump tweets it’s obvious to anyone with a brain in their head this is not about justice or the law, it’s about revenge.


Everything is about politics, Alvin. Americans can’t watch a basketball game without some sort of agenda or political narrative beating them over the head. I’m reminded of how Rashida Tlaib yelled, ‘We’re going to impeach the mother f**ker* when Democrats took the House. It’s always been about politics when it comes to Democrats and Trump. Not governing. Not country. Not their constituents.


They hate him because he beat them in 2016 and honestly, he didn’t care if they hated him. Heck, he hated them back. None of them were used to that and obviously, they still haven’t gotten over it. TDS is still very much a real thing on the Left (and on the Right in some cases).

All of that being said, maybe Bragg should spend some time looking at his own campaign tweets if he wants us to believe this isn’t political. They’re EYE-OPENING indeed.

Ok, so this one could be a New York justice issue … but wait, there’s more.

Awww yes, so many Democrats had super-woke children while Trump was in office.

Crazy how that worked.

Here ya’ go:

They loved blaming Trump for others’ actions … yet they don’t do this with Biden. Heck, I’m shocked he doesn’t have tweets insisting Trump called neo-Nazis very fine people.

Here’s another:

For loving Black people?



Seems like Alvin really wanted Trump impeached.


Oooh, look at Alvin dropping ‘deplorable’ like that.

*sigh again*

But yeah, this isn’t political.


How can anyone believe that?!

Ok, so probably only choads like Rob Reiner buy it but still.