Bethany Mandel is truly tough as nails but even she is probably tired of the moron brigade. And by moron brigade, I mean the mob of lawn flamingos who have been harassing and bullying her nonstop since she attempted to define what woke means. What’s really impressive about Bethany was how she took ownership of that not being her best moment, and even so, the drooling, slobbering, braindead pitchfork and torches group refuses to get a grip.

Granted, expecting the same people who believe there are 57 or more genders and that skin color defines who someone is to be rational and human is likely a bit on the optimistic side, but still. Twitter is an ugly place full of ugly people, and we are seeing them in all their ugly glory going through Bethany’s old tweets, trying to find ways to paint her as a bad person, going so far as to accuse her of killing her mom.

I told you, these are disgusting toads who feel empowered behind a keyboard.

Bethany, being ever-resilient, shared her story about her mother’s death in a heartbreaking thread … I cried reading it.

Take a look:

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At sixteen years old.


Just so heartbreaking.

There are people telling kids that they can’t even be certain about their sex let alone their futures. All to push their own narrative and agenda.

I love how she turned this around on them all.

It’s only ironic if you expect these same people to be human at all.

I stopped expecting them to be human about anything years ago but that’s another story.

Yeah, he’s a miserable little toad, isn’t he?

In short, Bethany just told the mob to stick it and I can’t help but admire her for her resilience.

And deep down I also can’t help but believe that her mother would be very proud.