Tucker Carlson asked every GOP presidential candidate to answer six key questions on the war in Ukraine which was an EXCELLENT idea. Sort of a primary debate without the debate, if that makes sense. And truth be told, seeing who they consider possible candidates is also very interesting.

If this exercise is any indication, the GOP bench is STRONG indeed.

And Democrats are talking about running Biden again. Heh.

This is so great. We wish Tucker would do this with more questions/issues because it gives us a chance to really ‘hear’ from these candidates if that makes sense.

First, President Trump:

Ok, so making it about himself BUT also some good points. C’mon, it’s Trump, if he didn’t make it about himself just a little bit we’d be worried it’s not Trump.

Next, Governor DeSantis.

So basically Trump and DeSantis are on the same page here.

AMERICA has issues AMERICA should be focused on.

Next, Vice President Pence:

Invoking Reagan.

Not bad.

Then came newcomer Vivek Ramaswamy who we do not know all that much about but this is pretty damn good:

Up next, Governor Noem:

Let’s not forget about China, even though we know Biden would prefer if we did.

Governor Abbot:

Oooh … Biden’s ‘blank-check foreign policy in Ukraine’.


And accurate.

Senator Tim Scott:

Again, Americans wondering why the Hell we’re spending so much in Ukraine when our own country is in trouble.

Whoa, Chris Christie wants to run again?

He seems AOK with us assisting Ukraine.

Because of course …


Absolutely. When you can look at it like this, and refer back as you read other responses instead of watching the circus aka primary debates … it really informs voters.

Loved this.



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