Wyoming is where my heart is. Ok, so most of my heart is with my family BUT the rest of it is with Wyoming, and true story, the mister and I will likely move back there in a few years. When we left in 2016 the state was RED RED RED, and of course, Virginia was BLUE so it was a huge change for me and my entire family. As many of you know, we worked very hard here to flip Virginia red, but now it appears there are some serious problems in my beloved Wyoming.

And they’re being perpetuated by RINOS. Full disclosure, I really don’t like to use the word RINO because I feel as if it’s thrown around way too much BUT in the case of the Republicans in Wyoming blocking school choice? They are definitely RINOS because Democrats have a very hard time getting elected there.

So they pretend to be Republicans.

Speaker of the House, Albert Sommers is blocking school choice by refusing to bring a bill to the floor that the Senate already passed and he’s claimed he’s doing so because of constitutional reasons or some other happy horse crap. Reality is likely he has some connection to the Wyoming Education Association …

Like Landon Brown who has been white-knighting for Sommers to the point of being disgustingly rude to Harriet Hageman who encouraged Sommers to bring the bill, Wyomingites want to the floor. Brown smugly told her to stay in her lane; actually, his ridiculous tweet said ‘bug off’.

Yeah, an elected official … in WYOMING.

Just FYI, Landon DOES have a connection to the teacher’s association there with multiple endorsements and donations.

He reminds me of a wannabe Eric Swalwell, but not as smart … and you all know that Swalwell is not smart.

Hageman fired back, and yeah, she won:

Oh, there’s that too. Democrats can switch parties and vote in Republican primaries in Wyoming.

Hence, they sometimes end up with idjits like Landon.


Corey DeAngelis chimed in on Landon’s tweet:

You wouldn’t think this would even be a debate in red Wyoming … I sure as heck wouldn’t.

And yet, here we are.

What the Hell is going on in Wyoming?