As Twitchy readers know, boil on the butt of humanity Joy Behar told the people of East Palestine, Ohio that they get what they deserve because of the way they vote.

Yeah, repugnant. Especially when we know politics has nothing to do with the accident and the ‘but Trump’ talking point has been debunked over and over again. You can tell Joy didn’t think the audience would disagree with her, which is even scarier.

Their gasp tells us even they thought she went too far.

We’ve been telling you guys, it’s not Behar, it’s BEHAG.

Janice Dean though, she really let Joy and ‘The View’ have it.

Seriously. What sort of person actually watches ‘The View’ for their smart takes on life, politics, etc? At this point we can’t help but wonder if they leave the show on the air because they get just as much out of people hating them as they do people enjoying the show.

Or maybe daytime television really is just crap and this is all there actually is.

Good question.

Sadly, we doubt any of us will get an answer.



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