It’s not every day you see someone you spent a lot of time watching on television growing up drop an f-bomb on Twitter. Oh, don’t get me wrong, plenty of ‘famous people’ swear like sailors on Twitter (it’s sort of a thing), but seeing Geraldo do it? WHOA. And at first, I wasn’t sure if I could write this because he was cursing at Dash Doborofsky of all people and c’mon, if there’s a ‘plant’ on Twitter, it’s Dash. No, I don’t mean like a Lefty plant, I mean like an actual fern or something – the guy is a hot mess.

And apparently, Geraldo swore at him for attacking Fox News after a story broke a couple of days ago about how the Fox News anchors and pundits didn’t believe the 2020 election had been stolen.

So it’s like, huh, what can I say here? Then it hit me.

I get it.

I get where he’s coming from.

I understand the frustration, the anger, the feeling that you’ve just freakin’ had ENOUGH.

That’s what this was from Geraldo …

Let’s be honest, our pals on the Left have done nothing for YEARS AND YEARS but attack Fox News. Silence Fox News. Heck, it’s still one of their stupid main talking points when ‘arguing’ on Twitter. ‘STOP WATCHING FOX NEWS! HUR DURRRR!’

I don’t blame Geraldo for finally having had enough.

Any of us who work in conservative media, whether we’re necessarily right-leaning or not (I’m not sure about Geraldo) get it. That feeling of JUST BACK OFF ALREADY.

Sometimes it has to come out … and it came out for Geraldo.

Atta boy.

Truth be told, even when Geraldo is annoying me (and it happens a lot), I still really like the guy. He will forever be the host who brought Satanists on his talk show (scared the crap out of me!) and of course, the whole Al Capone vault thing. There is just something very endearing about him, and this moment of humanity, this moment that I as a writer/editor can completely relate to, just makes me like him more.

Sometimes we all just need to drop a little f-bomb.