We do not envy Karine Jean-Pierre’s job. Like, at all. Oh, don’t get us wrong, she is hardly a victim in all of this, but we can’t imagine trying to find a way to pretend Biden is actually a good president day-in and day-out. Then again, she’s a pretty good liar, all things considered.

For example, watch how easily she lies about Biden and all of his so-called hard work bringing down the cost of gas.

Stop laughing.

Ok, laugh.

And then watch this:

But we thought Biden didn’t control gas prices? Not a Putin thing now?

How convenient.

While pretending gas prices were actually higher when he took over.


PERFECTION, right there.

That works.

He has no control when it goes up, but he’s the reason it comes down.

Democrat logic 101.

Oh yeah, we remember.

Freakin’ math and facts.

Always keeping a Biden down.

Editor’s note: Jean-Pierre’s name was initially misspelled in the headline of this post. We’ve made a correction and apologize for the error.



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