Political parties don’t determine sex and vice versa.

I know, that’s crazy but they don’t. Not all men are Republicans and not all women are Democrats. OH WAIT, I’m not supposed to write about there being two sexes and stuff, right? Too bad so sad. Also, I’m not a biologist by any means, and yet I can still define what is and is NOT a woman but that’s another story.

Boomers like Patty Murray can’t seem to wrap their minds around the idea that women would ever actually support life, be pro-small government, and want lower taxes. For some reason, she and others like her (mainly old, annoying, rich, white, Democratic women) seem to think having a vagina somehow magically makes women just like her.

And no, it does not.


There are plenty of women on the Right and even more who support life over abortion. MAGA Republican has zero to do with it…

All I can assume is the talking points went out and MAGA Republican is their hot new dig at people who disagree with them. They still want to paint us all as evil, white nationalist, white supremacist, insurrectionist, bigoted, scary Trump supporters because it’s the only way they think they can win.

And to be fair, they’re probably right – they will need to lie a LOT to win in 24.

Especially with the way people responded to Patty’s crap tweet:


Fair question.

And so on.

Honestly, I’m seeing only a handful of women agreeing with Murray … and that’s pretty damn encouraging. Maybe the younger generations appreciate life more than grizzled, old, bitter, ugly, gnarly, hateful harpy Boomers like Patty.

This gives me hope.