Spin for Biden, Joe. You can do it!

Look, we know the mainstream media has been the propaganda arm for the Democratic Party for the past several decades but what we’re seeing from them with this Communist spy balloon has been off-the-charts obnoxious even for them.

First, it wasn’t happening. Then it wasn’t a big deal that it was happening. And THEN Biden was a WARRIOR for shooting the balloon down AFTER it had already flown over the entire country gathering whatever info it was gathering on America.

Joe Scarborough jumped in to share his two cents (which ironically isn’t even worth two cents):



C’mon man!

It’s hard to believe Joe is this stupid, it’s not hard to believe that he thinks WE ARE. Or at least the people who follow him.

Totally good. WE SHOWED CHINA!


Pretty f’ing stupid.

Just sayin’






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