Good news, folks!

President Biden has claimed that more than half the women in his administration are women. So you know, he’s got that going for him.

Don’t take our word for it, listen to ol’ President Piddle Pants himself.

So the women are women? Are you sure, Joe?

He doesn’t sound so sure, does he?

And looking at some of the ‘women’ in his cabinet we don’t blame him for being confused.

Hey, one out of two, that would be half.


Serious amounts of yikes.

Oooh, we forgot about him. Her. Whatever.

Back off, man, Biden isn’t a biologist. He can’t define a woman.


We couldn’t help ourselves.

Women do not have penises.

We may not be biologists but even we lowly Twitchy editors know this for a fact.

Oooh, we see what they did here.





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