It’s hard to believe but we are only one year out from the 2024 presidential election. I know, with Biden in the White House a day can feel like a week but here we are, looking at another election cycle and what are we doing? Getting into pissing matches about DeSantis and Trump.


This feels a little like 2015 … 2016

Without Hillary Cankles Clinton but still, that feeling of unease, that feeling of tension, of a divide happening is already starting. A divide that will only empower the Democrats – a divide they are probably salivating over even as I write this.

Sorry, not a great visual.

We have ONE party.


And we’re all we’ve got against the Democrat machine.

Oh, I know, we shouldn’t count out libertarians and moderates but ultimately it boils down to the two major parties, and unless we want four more years of President Piddle Pants we need to figure this out. Sooner than later.

Or I will go insane and I will take you all WITH ME.

Maybe instead of fighting amongst ourselves, we should just be glad we have two powerhouses like DeSantis and Trump who could lead our party. Fine, you’re a Trump supporter and not sure about DeSantis … would you rather have him or Biden? Fine, you’re a DeSantis supporter and not sure about four more years of Trump … would you rather four more years of Biden?

Or whatever Democrat they put up there; I’m still not 100% convinced it will be Creepy Uncle Joe anyway. Buttigieg? Harris?


Yeah, you guys, we’ve got to get it together. I’m not saying you have to give up who you support and honestly who knows what our primary will end up looking like BUT when we have our nominee, when it’s a done deal, pretty please with sugar, sprinkles, and other fattening stuff on top, let’s all work together to get this done. To beat the Democrats.

And while I know this is super cliche, take our country back.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.