What sort of frothy-mouthed loser dbag would have a problem with this tweet from Kevin McCarthy about school choice? Yeah, we’re being facetious because we know EXACTLY what sort of frothy-mouthed loser dbag would have a problem with it …

McCarthy is right.

Kids should always come first and school choice will make that a reality.

Enter the frothy-mouthed dbag loser who for whatever reason couldn’t deal with this tweet.

Remember when Chris Cuomo was relevant? Yeah, we don’t either.

But we sort of remember him saying and tweeting stupid stuff so this reads.


We’re going to bet no, no he did not.

Pretty ugly.

And racist.

He’s working for some group we’ve never heard of, we think? News Nation or something?

So technically, yes. He is. Heh.

What does he mean by, ‘these kids’?

Hey now, this is rude to other garbage people out there.


Sounds … racist.

Just sayin’.



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