Move over Brian Stelter, make room for Oliver Darcy to be the most annoying guy at CNN. Ok, to be fair, that’s not exactly a hard thing to do since CNN keeps firing people and shrinking its staff but we digress.

Darcy thought it was a good idea to use Kanye West as a broad brush to paint the entire Republican Party and of course, right-wing media stars like Tucker Carlson with Nazism.

How very original and thought-provoking of him.

*eye roll*

Watch this hot mess:

Guess since Brian lost his job, someone at CNN has to fixate on Tucker Carlson and Fox News. Way to go, Darcy.

Atta boy.

And just like his bestie Brian, this did not go over well, like at all.


C’mon, man. Without Brian Stelter to obsessively watch Fox News and complain about them, Darcy has to step in. HA HA HA HA

Guess you could say the potato has handed off his potato duties.

It’s a CNN thing.

They all do it.

Well, they all did it.

Psh, of course, he won’t do that. He’s not interested in telling a story about Nazism or even Kanye West, he just sees this as an opportunity to go after the Right, and most importantly, Tucker Carlson.

It’s all they have left at CNN.



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