Wokeness sounds like some sort of virus … probably because, in a way, it is. Like a virus, wokeness spreads through universities, workplaces, friends, and families, and as it spreads it makes people sick.

Or woke.

Whatever you want to call it.

We see it more and more every day, invading entertainment, sports, and commercials – if only there was a vaccine they could lie about with this virus as well. *cough cough*

Wokal Distance put together an exceptional thread about how wokeness was ‘cooked up’ and gave some pointers for how those of us who are still ‘well’ can actually fight back. Take a gander (get a snack, it ain’t short):

Get comfy.

Because it is incoherent … ok, maybe not.

Keep going.


Freakin’ humanities departments …

Read that again.

… but because they were useful for the political goals of the activist scholars.


That hasn’t stopped many of these yahoos in the woke world from claiming math is racist.

Being emotionally right instead of factually right.

Sound familiar?


Woof, you KNOW that concoction would give us all food poisoning.

Not if it’s correct, but if it’s useful.

Facts. Truth. Logic.

These are the kryptonite of wokeness.






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