I’ve never been a fan of public unions. Especially teacher’s unions.

In fact, the only reason I’m sitting here writing what I’m writing and doing what I’m doing is because of the teacher’s union in Wisconsin. Crazy, right? Governor Scott Walker fought and beat the teacher’s union there not once, not twice, but three times … and I was part of that fight. Heck, if it wasn’t for Walker and the teacher’s unions I wouldn’t be @Politibunny or FOO on Twitter considering my nickname came from some Lefty Wisconsinite who made fun of my overbite, but that’s another story.

My dislike of teacher’s unions REALLY took off during the government-forced lockdowns while these unions worked to keep our kids out of the classroom. Not only did they continue to get paid the same wage, but some also got raises and some even campaigned and worked to elect Biden, who in turn allowed them to have a say at the federal level about schools. Even here in Virginia, where we are a Right to Work State, the teacher’s association was able to keep our kids out of the classroom for nearly two years.

Yeah, it was an awful time not just for my family, but for all families. Thanks to the unions.

So this thread from Illinois Policy taking the president of the Chicago Teacher’s Union apart made me so so so happy:


Dined out.



While kids sat at home in front of a monitor trying to learn.


You guys remember her now, right?


Man, that so pissed me off.

How anyone on either side of the aisle can forget or forgive this is beyond me.

Because the union doesn’t care about students.

The union only cares about dues.

Love it.

See, they can do that because the union will protect them.

Unions protect crappy teachers and crappier schools …