You’d think by now, after spending years and years covering the media, especially The New York Times, that NOTHING they could do or report would shock me. But you know what, every year they get worse and worse and every year I am a little bit more shocked.

Shocking I know (the word of the day is Shock, just FYI).

I guess I always just sort of expected the ‘Paper of the Record’ to offer some worthwhile 9/11 reporting on the front page of their publication since you know, the most horrific terror attack that has ever taken place on American soil happened in their backyard. Heck, you’d think they’d have a special edition even, honoring and mourning those lost in the Towers that day. Innocent Americans going to work, brave first responders trying to save them, and those who lost their lives after the fact … you’d THINK of all papers, The New York Times would be the most dedicated to covering the day.

But no, they were too busy with other things.

Just look at this:

You’d think it was just any other day.

Rising alcohol taxes was more important than 9/11? Ukraine? Shakespeare or Bieber?


But wait, there’s more!

Of all the papers out there, you’d think NYT would cover September 11th the best. Nope.

Abortion, public schools, Trump’s legal woes.

We get they have a narrative to push (and a party to try and salvage come the midterms) but this is just obnoxious and disrespectful, even for them.


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