You know, when I first started doing this insanity nearly 13 years ago, I remember thinking to myself how lucky we all were to have the ability to share our ideas online. Yes, I was totally naive back then and didn’t really think about providers censoring and shutting down websites they disagreed with politically. In my sweet little innocent (stop laughing) mind, the Internet was this ‘information highway’ where I could find and share information.

Seems pretty simple, right?

Welp, in a world where our president goes on primetime television and threatens 75 million of us for not agreeing with his agenda, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised to see them going after certain sites and vilifying them as TERRORISTS.

Isn’t that exactly what Biden did?

From their blog:

Kiwifarms has frequently been host to revolting content. Revolting content alone does not create an emergency situation that necessitates the action we are taking today. Beginning approximately two weeks ago, a pressure campaign started with the goal to deplatform Kiwifarms. That pressure campaign targeted Cloudflare as well as other providers utilized by the site.

Cloudflare provides security services to Kiwifarms, protecting them from DDoS and other cyberattacks. We have never been their hosting provider. As we outlined last Wednesday, we do not believe that terminating security services is appropriate, even to revolting content. In a law-respecting world, the answer to even illegal content is not to use other illegal means like DDoS attacks to silence it.

Even to ‘revolting content’.

What exactly is revolting content, folks? Who gets to decide what is and isn’t ‘revolting’? The way Biden spoke about it, anyone who doesn’t support abortion-on-demand up to and including 40 weeks is a threat to his democracy.

This scares me on so many levels, you guys. It’s why we push our VIP program so hard so that if this happens to us, if they try and shut us down for being ‘revolting’, we’ll still be able to keep going. I know, a lot of you don’t like seeing a paywall from us, but sadly it’s a necessity in today’s media world.

They’ll go after other sites too.

That. ^

THAT’S what’s so scary, yup.

Not a great look.

Like, at all.