So apparently big bad scary Trump supporters are going to riot or something if Trump is indicted. Truth be told, this editor hasn’t seen any legit threats like this but we get it, they need to keep the fear ALIVE. People are pointing and laughing at Liz Cheney’s J6 Committee Hearings (you guys remember Liz right? She was EMBARRASSED in Wyoming?), so they’re trying to play up how people are reacting to the FBI raiding Trump’s home.

Many people (and not just Trump supporters) have voiced anger and disagreement with the DOJ’s actions, especially after they released that joke of a redacted affidavit, but violence? Maybe on 4Chan? The only nasty rhetoric we’re seeing is from Biden himself, othering half of this country as ‘semi-fascists’.

But you know, Bradley P. Moss (Esq *snort*) is playing stupid.

We hope he’s playing.



We remember plenty of rioting from the Left and Democrats refusing to accept the 2016 election results.

In fact, there was a whole LOT of rioting from the moment Trump won.

Interesting how Twitter is marking this as ‘sensitive content’.


Their riots are just fiery but mostly peaceful.

Summer of love, dude.

There’s that too. No reason for Democrats to threaten to riot if she’s indicted when there’s like zero chance she’ll ever BE indicted in the first place.

So ‘it’s different when they do it’ is the moral of this story? Immoral?



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