This GOP woman will not be ‘standing with Cheney.’

Hey, if Juan Williams wants to stand with a two-faced, backstabbing, self-promoting, opportunist who took advantage of a less-populated state to further her own political career he should knock himself out, but actual GOP women who can see through her?

Yeah, no.

We will NOT be standing with her and NOT because of Trump.

But because of Liz herself.

Liz is all yours, Juan.

From The Hill:

A new political action committee, or PAC, aimed at preventing former President Trump from ever coming close to the Oval Office again is being led by a woman.

And Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) is likely to be arm-in-arm with several other Republican women in taking a defiant stand against Trump.


The same women who have always hated him.

Double meh.

Again, she just doesn’t understand why she lost. This isn’t about Trump, and the fact she’s still making it about HIM is WHY she lost. Hey Liz, focus more on what Biden is actively doing to this country and our economy, the other guy hasn’t been president in 19 months … move on.

Americans need all eyes on November 2022, not November 2020, especially now that Democrats have raised taxes on the middle class during a freaking recession that THEY CAUSED.

So no, no I will not be standing with Liz Cheney.

And I know I’m far from the only one who has zero interest in supporting Liz – heck, even the Lefties who have been treating Liz as some sort of hero are kicking her to the curb now that she’s no longer useful to them and their fight against Trump.

Maybe Juan should ask if Liz will stand with the GOP, for a change.