Liz Cheney is very upset over her massive, embarrassing, humiliating, totally soul-crushing, butt-whoopin’ of a loss in Wyoming. She is talking to any media outlet that will have her about how the GOP is sick, claiming the problem is Trump, that Wyomingites voted for her last time in huge numbers but not THIS TIME because they’re unhinged lunatics who have no appreciation for the rule of law … and she’s avoiding talking about the reality of why she lost.

She didn’t lose because Wyoming is obsessed with Trump.

She didn’t lose because the GOP is sick.

She lost because her constituents are getting decimated by Biden, his admin, and their anti-energy, anti-freedom policies and Liz cared more about making a name for herself fighting the guy who hasn’t been president in over a year and a half than she did fighting for the people who sent her to DC.

That’s the reality.

Liz has learned nothing.

I hope this martyr act is working with her new pals on the Left who only seem to care about country over party when it’s the Republican Party we’re talking about, but I’m pretty sure the people in her own party are sick and tired of her patting herself on the back and acting like she’s some patriotic, Constitutional warrior.

What she is is a spoiled brat who used her last name to get where she is … well, where she was.

And now she can’t deal.

Now she wants to blame her party, the people, Trump, anyone but herself.

Typical Lefty.

Yes, yes she did.

And she wants to blame THEM for not voting for her.