VIP Dear Feminists: Yes, I WANT to shave my legs and smell PRETTY, and nothing you say about sexism or the ‘patriarchy’ can change that

I consider myself a feminist.

WAIT WAIT WAIT, don’t click off the article, I’m not going to froth at the mouth, blame the patriarchy, or demand that the government subsidize my ‘feminine products.’ And to be honest, the fact that so many third-wave feminists have destroyed the true meaning of feminism drives me a little nuts.

Albeit, not as nuts as the third-wave feminists but you get my point.

Feminism used to be about equality, that women would be treated the same as men. NOT THAT WE ARE MEN.

Sorry, not sorry, trans-activists … we’re just not.

Different but equal. What a concept, right?

Seems like feminists of today are either completely jumping the shark and buying into the ‘you don’t have to have a vagina to be a woman’ bandwagon OR preaching about shaving legs being sexist or something. Again, I know we’re not dealing with the brightest crayons in the box but c’mon.

As I so often say, HOO BOY.

From WaPo:

Some argue that what matters is how a woman feels, not what she does. “The non-feminist likely shaves because she feels that she has to for others,” explains one blogger, “while the feminist will shave because she wants to do it for herself.”

Goodness, no. The feminist knows that the reasons she wants to shave are deeply compromised — and that as long as men aren’t expected to do it, doing it for yourself is an illusion.

No, I really hate having hairy legs. That’s not an illusion.

Keep going.

“Feminism gave women the freedom to choose what they want to do with their lives,” declares one columnist, “and they can choose whether they want to wear high heels or not.”

No again. Feminism isn’t a thing we did and now it’s done. Feminism is continually naming and combating the constraints imposed on us by a male-oriented society.

Men don’t make me want to wear high heels.

Men don’t make me want to wear perfume or do my hair.

I want to be healthy and I want my body to look healthy.

I want to smell good.

I want to look pretty.

None of these things are sexist.

It’s as if some feminists (third wave) believe if we’re not hairy-legged, ugly hosebeasts we’re somehow not women and definitely not feminists. A real feminist makes decisions for herself, so if you like having hairy armpits go for it … I hate it. I’ve always hated it. Sticky armpits are not fun, and that has zero to do with the patriarchy.

Maybe these ‘op-eds’ are written by ugly women who want to feel better about being ugly so they make their ugliness about something deeper, like FEMINISM. Sure, they have a hairy lip and smell like a litter box BUT they showed those evil men!

Take that, patriachy!


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