Woof, Stacey Abrams needs some new talking points.

Apparently, the record turnout in Georgia doesn’t prove voters aren’t being suppressed or something … we get it, she needs a narrative to run on but this ain’ it. Remember the damage she did when she went after the MLB All-Star Game so badly about voting laws in GA they moved it to a far whiter city with even more voting laws? Yeah, her track record is pretty sucky, but that’s not keeping her from relying on her old standby.

Huh? Who isn’t able to access a ballot, Stacey? Name names. Tell us where it’s happening. Show us examples.

OH, that’s right, she can’t.

None of them can.

But again, that narrative ain’t gonna push itself.

Yeah, we laughed too.

Oh, and if you want to keep track today, you can check out the Governor’s race here:

But that’s what Democrats do.


Note: Yes, the featured image of Stacey is an older image BUT we want to remind people of the time she sat in a large group of forcibly masked children, maskless. That’s who she really is. – sj



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