An archbishop doing what should have been done YEARS AGO and barring Nancy Pelosi from receiving Holy Communion over her very public support of extreme abortion has really brought out the toads and losers who don’t understand what ‘separation of church and state’ actually means. The people claiming this was done for political reasons are CLUELESS, or deliberately misconstruing the church AND the state.

CNN’s Jim Sciutto jumped into the fray to claim he’s totally Catholic and since he’s never seen anyone banned from receiving communion in must like never happen and stuff.

No really, he thought this was a smart thing to tweet:

Gosh, Jim, since you didn’t see it, it must never happen. DERP.

This didn’t go over so well for Mr. CNN.



But stupid people claim it’s politics, so there’s that.

You’d think someone THAT Catholic would have a clue.


Because the people condemning the archbishop have their own ‘religion,’ and it’s called Leftism.


And now, we’re dead.



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