Man, what HAPPENED to S.E. Cupp?

When this editor first started writing for Twitchy in 2016, we could still write about her championing inherent rights, calling out stupid people on the Left … she used to be the sort of libertarian we loved to feature. And now, while we still ‘love’ to feature her on Twitchy, it’s really only to call her out for tweeting things her old self would have thought were irretrievably stupid. As we’ve said before, it has to be something in the water at CNN.


Just a few hours after the shooting … these people couldn’t even wait for the bodies of the victims to cool. And to blame so many innocent people who had nothing at all to do with this shooting is such a lazy way to tweet. Forget the shooter’s manifesto attacks Fox News and in it he claims to be a Green Nationalist/leftist authoritarian – it’s all Q’S FAULT! MAGA.

If anyone knows about toxic garbage it’s a pundit on CNN but we digress.

Joe Cunningham was good enough to search her tweets to see if she had called out other actual ‘dangerous rhetoric’ from people on the Left, like gunman James Hodgkinson who opened fire on a baseball field of Republicans.

Or Floyd Corkins who wanted to kill as many Republicans as he could for ‘opposing gay rights’.

Gosh, he didn’t seem to find anything.

We’re shocked.

Oh, wait, no.

Hey, he said please.

She probably belives that red SUV drove itself into the crowd.

Just so sad.

Is she better than that?

We have our doubts, man.



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