Huh. Guess asking Ketanji Brown Jackson about her very real record is somehow an attack … sorry, a SEARING attack on her, and they are saying this because she’s Black and a woman.

Well, we think she’s a woman but since this editor isn’t a biologist we can’t say for sure.

That’s how this works now, right?


It was very painful to watch her answer questions?

Really? Also sorry, Gayle, you can’t call her a woman without a biology degree.

Let us know when a bunch of senators team up to push a fabricated LIE about gang rape, anger issues, and drinking to try and destroy her. Until then, she should really just suck it up and answer the questions about her record, right?

If a SCOTUS judge can’t handle questions about their record that should be a red flag, just saying.

And c’mon, we all knew the moment Biden made this about picking a Black woman this is what the media would do if the nominee wasn’t treated with kid gloves.

Boo flippity hoo.

Sorry, she was not a progressive lunatic and therefore she doesn’t count.

Or something.

Oh, they buy it, but it’s the same people who’ve been voting for this crap anyway.

They’re not convincing anyone to think differently or change their minds.


Good point.




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